ROCKLITE® Ebano - Ebony substitute products for stringed musical instruments. Prices in CAD.
Acoustic Bridge Blank Bindings Bindings Bindings Bindings

Bridge blank $13.98

Binding 0.3mm w/b $6.90 Binding 0.3mm w/b/w $7.26 Binding 0.3mm w/b/w/b $7.50 Binding 0.6 w/b $6.90 Binding w/b/w $7.26
Binding 0.6mm w/b/w/b $7.50 Binding 0.7mm box line $6.36 Binding 1mm box line $6.90 Guitar fretboard blank $44.63 Head veneer $12.74 Binding plain $5.66 ea

Jescar Fret Wire

Manzerna polishing products

Clifton Spoke shaves

Pax Saws

E.T. Roberts and Lee saws



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